Cannabis is one of the three plants having psychoactive properties, known as Cannabis sativa, Cannabis ruderalis, and Cannabis indica. It has more than one thousand slang words used by different people. The most popular are weed, hemp, pot, ganja, or marijuana.

Traditionally Cannabis has been ingested for its relaxing and calming effects on our mind and body. For a couple of years, cannabis growth and cultivation have increased worldwide due to medical and industrial uses. It is an important source for industrial products like fiber, food, seed oil, recreational and medical weed products.

It has 120 chemical ingredients known as cannabinoids. Specialists still don’t have information about the functionalities of all these components. Two main components of marijuana, cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), have significant effects on the human brain and behavior found by experts.

Uses of Cannabis:

We can use cannabis extract in different ways. It is a plant having cannabis flowers and fruits used to create the popular drug of the world. Its seeds are mainly used to create hemp seed oil used in cooking, lacquers, paints, and lamps. Cannabis sativa seeds contain nutrients for animals and can be used as feed for caged birds.

How to use Cannabis:

There are different ways to consume Cannabis, each affecting people differently. People can inhale it through smoking or vaping, which absorbs in bloodstreams through the lungs. It can be consumed orally by eating, tincture, and topical. It is in your interest which method you use to consume Cannabis that will be right for you.

Even though Cannabis is a natural source of recreation, it still has some side effects, side by side with its amazing benefits. Let’s explore some of the amazing effects of Cannabis:

Effects of Cannabis:

Cannabis has short and long-term effects on the human brain and body. Some effects are beneficial for short-lived and disadvantageous in the long-lived.

Short-lived effects of consuming Cannabis are:

  • It makes the mind and body relax.
  • It reduces dizziness.
  • Help in depression.
  • Makes you enjoy your surroundings.
  • It makes you creative and focused.
  • It helps to increase appetite.
  • It helps to forget about bad incidents.
  • Treat autism.
  • Causes headache, dry mouth, and nausea.

Long-lived effects of consuming Cannabis are:

Specialists are still trying to find out the long-term effects of consuming Cannabis. There is a conflict among the experts, and long-term research is needed to understand the long-term effects of Cannabis completely.

Impact on brain development:

It has been found that Cannabis has a dramatic impact on brain health if used during adolescence. Research on how Cannabis affects the teenage brain reveals that people who use Cannabis in their youth have more memory power and learning issues. But it is uncertain that these effects remain permanent. One study found that the teens lost 5.8 IQ scores when they became adults.

People who consume Cannabis amid adolescence may have a higher tendency for mental health issues in the future like schizophrenia.

Addiction problem:

There is a misconception that Cannabis is not addictive, but the truth is it can be addictive, and people who use it regularly may face withdrawal symptoms upon leaving it. Withdrawal symptoms like low appetite, headache, insomnia, depression, stomach issues, and mood swing. Most of the symptoms stop automatically within 72 hours of quitting Cannabis. These withdrawal symptoms are not dangerous and can be treated by taking therapist guidance.

Cure for glaucoma:

Glaucoma is a disease that damages the optic nerve and decreases vision. It occurs due to high pressure in the eyes. The use of Cannabis diminishes the pressure on the eyeball of an individual for the time being and helps to increase vision.

Cancer treatment:

One of the major effects of Cannabis is that it fights against noxious cancer. Evidence is available proving that the regular consumption of Cannabis in a balanced way helps to treat cancer or certain types of it.

Cure diabetes:

American Alliance for Medical Cannabis (AAMC) conducted research and found that cannabis consumption stabilizes blood sugar level, improves blood circulation, and lower blood pressure.

Improves hairs health:

Hair problems are one of the biggest global issues of both men and women. People spend hundreds of dollars on hair transplants. Cannabis oil helps to cure damaged hair. Its usage prevents hair fall, hair breakage, and dandruff. The CBD component of Cannabis increases hair growth; its anti-inflammatory properties treat scalp problems and prevent hair loss from occurring due to hormonal stress.

Cannabis for athletes:

There are many stories available from retired athletes explaining the Benefits of Cannabis for athletes. Cannabis helps athletes relieve monotony, relieve pain and aches, improve game focus, help to recover muscles, improve the digestive system, improve breathing disorder while exercising and help them to enjoy the sport.

Respiratory Issues:

Smoking cannabis regularly has a similar risk factor to smoking tobacco. Because it has the same toxins and carcinogens as tobacco drugs, regular cannabis smokers may face respiratory issues later in life. It can be due to irritation and inflammation of the lungs. However, we can’t say that Cannabis is the reason for lung cancer as there is no conclusive evidence.


The legal status of Cannabis and its scope:

Cannabis is considered a drug more than a herb. The US government makes it illegal in some areas of the country while legalized in other areas for medical and recreational marijuana. Experts have different perspectives regarding the legal status of Cannabis.

Reasons why the US government makes the use of Cannabis legal:

  • The economy will boost.
  • It will create thousands of job opportunities.
  • Teen marijuana use will decrease when regulated.
  • Marijuana law enforcement costs will end, and rare police resources will be free.
  • Government can collect taxes from the legal business of marijuana.
  • It will prevent racial discrimination in the implementation of marijuana.
  • Street crimes will decrease.
  • The use of marijuana will be safer through labeling, testing, and child-proof packaging.
  • It will decrease alcohol use which is more dangerous than marijuana.

Reasons why the US government makes the use of Cannabis illegal:

  • The adolescence of smokers increases.
  • Increases medical emergencies.
  • Road accidents will increase when people drive while high.
  • Productivity decreases.
  • Costs increase due to hospital visits, crimes, addiction treatment, and workplace accidents.
  • The use of marijuana affects the addictive person mentally and physically.




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